Westinghouse 425L Upright Freezer WFB4204WC-L


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A stand-alone freezer offers convenience, freedom, and reduces stress. Freedom to choose an assortment of ice-cream flavours and frozen yoghurts. The convenience to bulk-buy groceries on sale and freeze for later consumption. You can cook batches of meals on the weekend for less stress during your work week.

The Westinghouse 425L Upright Freezer with a left-hinge door is a useful and practical solution to your freezer needs. This unit gives you plenty of room for your frozen treats and frozen meals. It’s easy to organise everything inside with the freezer baskets, saving you time from rummaging and ensuring your freezer is kept organised. The twist ice dispenser will give you plenty of ice supply for ice-cold drinks in the summer or for cocktails when you have friends over.

With an impeccable white finish, clean lines, and exquisitely designed handles, this freezer from Westinghouse will be an elegant addition to any kitchen.

Large Capacity Freezer

With a food compartment capacity of 386 litres, this freezer will provide ample room for medium to large households.

Twist Ice Dispenser

The easy-to-use twist ice dispenser gives you sufficient supply of ice for your morning smoothie or nightcap. This dispenser comes with a convenient tray for easy serving.

Freezer Baskets

This unit comes equipped with freezer baskets for better organisation and easy access to your frozen goods.

Clean White Finish

The classic white finish will add an elegant touch to any decor. With modern flat doors and a refined handle design, this is sure to complement any kitchen.

Brand New Stock, Damaged Box, 2 Years Warranty


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