Samsung 649L 7000 Series French Door Fridge SRF7100S


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A reliable solution for keeping perishables fresh for longer, the Samsung 649L 7000 Series French Door Fridge offers impressive cooling performance, a large capacity, and flexible storage options.

Key Features
  • All Around Cooling technology maintains a consistent temperature level while evenly distributing cold air throughout the fridge though the use of multiple air vents
  • Power Cool function helps quickly chill food and beverages while its Power Freeze function is ideal for freezing frozen food, such as ice cream
  • Features a Movable Twist ice maker to give you a readily available supply of ice on demand
  • Enjoy generous storage space for your raw food ingredients, beverages, and cooked meals with its 649L capacity
  • Big Crispers offer plenty of room for storing fresh produce, fruits, and other vegetables

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