Samsung 10kg Hybrid Heat Pump Clothes Dryer DV10T9720SV


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Drying large loads of laundry is about to become easier and smarter. The new generation features a spacious 10kg capacity making it ideal for larger families. Hybrid Heat Pump technology provides a 9 star Energy Rating, by using a heating element to preheat the air and start drying fast. The temperature is maintained through the cycle, recycling warm air and helping to reduce energy usage. All-in-one Control is only available when a clothes dryer is stacked up on the washer and connected by a wire.

  • 9-Star Energy Efficient
  • All-in-one Control
  • Smart Control
  • 9-sensor intelligence
  • Flexible opening door
  • Easy maintenance for optimal performance
  • Hygiene Care+

9-Star Energy EfficientHeat Pump Technology offers a gentle and energy-efficient way to dry clothes. Its impressive 9-star rating for energy efficiency uses a ‘refrigerant’ to heat the air, instead of electricity. It recycles warm air to help reduce energy usage.

All-in-one ControlControl two machines using just one simple, intelligent control to suit your needs. Simply stack the clothes dryer up on the washer, select the washer or dryer and turn the central dial to choose a course. Then simply touch the start button to begin the washing or drying cycle.

Smart ControlDry laundry easily and effectively with AI Control. This Heat Pump Dryer personalises drying by remembering your habits, suggesting cycles and displaying timely information. Using the SmartThings app, it helps select the ideal drying course for a wash cycle, and provides advice on cycles, planning and troubleshooting.

9-sensor intelligenceAI Dry technology utilises 9 intelligent sensors to optimise and control the temperature and humidity of your clothes in the dryer. You’ll enjoy fast and precise drying with loads complete in less than 1 hour.

Flexible opening doorChoose and change the direction of the dryer door to suit the layout of your home. Best of all, you can check what’s inside with a glance through the transparent door.

Easy maintenance for optimal performanceMaintain your dryer easily and optimise drying performance and safety. This innovative filter has a multi-layered mesh, eliminating the need for a Heat Exchanger filter. This makes the dryer easy to maintain. Two alarms also remind you when the Filter and Heat Exchanger need cleaning.

Hygiene Care+Use the power of steam to help eliminate common bacteria, mites and allergens on clothes and other items, like linen and soft toys. The Hygiene Care+ cycle sanitises both dry and wet items* without affecting the drying performance by infusing them with high-temperature heat that helps eliminate up to 99.9% of certain common bacteria**.





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