Panasonic CS-CU-Z35VKR 3.5kW AERO Series Premium Reverse Cycle Inverter Air Conditioner


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Designed for comfort and peace of mind, you can breathe easy with the AERO series air conditioner from Panasonic.

This air conditioner not only cools or heats your home, it’s designed to make sure the air you breathe is safe and clean. The Panasonic nanoe air purifiers clears the air from impurities and odour, resulting in a more comfortable and healthier home. This is an excellent choice for those who are allergy-prone, or if you have pets at home. This unit is powered by Panasonic’s efficient Inverter and has a 3.5kW cooling capacity. This is ideally suited to comfortably cool a small lounge or study, as well as mid-sized kitchens or bedrooms. With the iAUTO-X system and Aerowings flaps, your space is cooled faster and more evenly.

Look after the health of your loved ones and make life a breeze with this practical air conditioner from Panasonic.

Built-in air purifiers

Panasonic’s innovative nanoe air purifiers clean the air inside your home, ensuring every breath you take is clean and pure. This purifier inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses, and allergens while deodorising your home from offensive odours.

iAUTO-X system for quick cooling

Don’t break a sweat waiting for your home to cool. The iAUTO-X system combines automatic high fan speed, wider grilles, and Panasonic’s Thermal Enhancement Technology to rapidly cool the room.

Aerowings for improved air circulation

This air conditioner features Aerowings flaps that are designed to give you more control over your airflow. This evenly distributes the cool air by redirecting the flow upwards, spreading the air over a wider area.

Inverter control for energy-efficiency

Powered by Panasonic’s efficient Inverter, this unit reduces energy consumption by varying the compressor’s rotation speed, according to the room temperature.

New 5 year warranty




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