LG WWT-1710W WashTower 17kg Washer & 10kg Dryer Combo (White)


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The LG WashTower is a ‘first of its kind’ integrated washer and dryer appliance that delivers a stylish, smart and easy to use washing solution. It combines an AI Direct Drive 17kg Washer with a 10 Star energy rated 10kg Heat Pump Dryer in a single integrated unit with a centrally located combined control panel.

Large Capacity 17kg Washer and 10kg Dryer
Enough room get all washing and drying done in one go.

Easy Reach Control Panel
The centrally located panel provides easy access to both the washer and dryer controls in an accessible location.

A.I. Direct-Drive for Intelligent Fabric Care
A.I. technology is used to assess weight and fabric softness, automatically selecting the optimal washing pattern for intelligent fabric care.

Key Features

17gk/10kg washer dryer combo

Easy reach control panel

A.I. Direct drive for intelligent fabric care

Dryer 10 star energy rating

Washer 4 star energy rating

Washer inverter-drive motor

Brand New Stock, Damaged Box, 2 Years Warranty




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