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With plenty of storage and convenient features in a stylish design, this Haier 465L vertical refrigerator offers an effective solution for busy families.

The spacious, LED-illuminated interior features numerous adjustable glass shelves and storage drawers to make storing a range of items simple. You can also opt for the SuperCool function, which plunges temperatures and allows you to quickly put the chill into groceries and drinks, keeping them fresher and tastier for longer. The handy external temperature control provides effortless control at your fingertips at all times.

With a crisp white, fingerprint-resistant finish, this stylish unit feels at home in any kitchen and always looks its best. Pairs perfectly with the Haier HVF430VW vertical freezer for a complete food preservation solution.

External temperature control

The sleek control panel is conveniently located on the exterior of the door. Experience quick access to the fridge’s temperature and settings right at your fingertips.

LED lighting

Strategically-placed LED lighting throughout the refrigerator brightens every corner to help you find what you need. LED lighting lasts longer and also emits less heat, making it more efficient than incandescent lighting.

Fingerprint-resistant finish

To ensure this stunning unit continues looking its best everyday, the exterior is designed with a fingerprint-resistant finish.

SuperCool function

Activating the SuperCool function lowers the fridge temperature for a specific amount of time. This function is great to use when you’ve just introduced a new grocery haul to the fridge, as it rapidly puts the chill in your fresh produce so it stays fresher for longer. It’s also handy for getting your drinks colder faster.

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