Glem 53cm Freestanding Dual Fuel Oven/Stove GB534GE


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The Glem range of freestanding dual fuel cookers make everyday dinners both delicious and stress-free. This 53cm stainless steel unit delivers versatile oven cooking, plus a spacious cooktop with four gas burners.

The oven offers four cooking functions to cater to your cooking needs whether you’re grilling or roasting. The door’s hinge system allows for a smoother opening and closing of the door, with less effort and less noise. Cleaning is also simple thanks to the interior’s smooth titanium enamel coating, making it resistant to grime build-up. For tasks such as frying and boiling, the gas burners are quick and safe to ignite with easy one-hand ignition.

For a complete cooking solution in one package, this reliable unit from Glem will get the job done with impressive style and high performance.

One-hand ignition

Start your flame quickly and easily with one-hand electronic ignition functionality. Just press and turn the control knob to begin and to maintain precise control over your heat output.

Cast iron trivets

Glem’s heavy duty cast iron trivets are designed to securely fit into the cooktop. Hard wearing and safe, your cookware will remain supported and maintain its stability so that you enjoy consistent cooking results.

Easy-clean oven

The oven interior’s titanium enamel is designed with low porosity to minimise the sticking and build-up of grease, food, and residue. This smooth surface requires less maintenance and cleaning is a whole lot easier.

Smooth closing

Enjoy a safer and more peaceful kitchen environment with the oven door’s smooth closing. This clever hinge system ensures opening and closing the door is a smoother experience, requiring less effort and emitting less noise.

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