Euromaid 54cm FGG54W Freestanding Natural Gas Oven/Stove



This Euromaid 54cm Freestanding Natural Gas Oven/Stove combines advanced cooking technology, easy to use controls and sleek style. With a large 83L gross capacity, the spacious interior of the oven easily accommodates large cooking trays. Gas ovens provide a moist cooking environment, ideal for roasting and baking.

The top of the unit features four gas burners including a wok burner for all your stir-frying, sauteing, and boiling needs. Each burner is fitted with a flame failure device, meaning if a flame is ever extinguished, the gas supply will be automatically cut. Boasting a professional style design and finished in classic white makes this a great addition to any kitchen.

Family-sized capacity

With plenty of gross capacity, this oven provides enough space to cook for large families and allows you to conveniently prepare a wide range of dishes with complete ease and precision. From roasts and casseroles to birthday cakes and profiteroles, make family meals a breeze with this spacious oven.

Flame failure device

For added safety, this gas cooktop features a flame failure device. This feature stops the supply of gas to the burners if the flame is extinguished.

Easy operation

The cooktop features an electronic ignition and it’s controlled by simple-to-use dials, taking away the use of dangerous matches and lighters.

Wok Burner

The dedicated wok burner comfortably fits your wok pans so you can effectively get that amazing sizzle for your stir frys.

New, 5 year warranty




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