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The Electrolux 9kg Front Load Washing Machine is engineered to suit your schedule. Ideal for busy households, this washing machine is designed to be easy to use so doing the laundry is less of a chore.

With a wide range of wash options and programs, your garments are precisely cleaned, depending on what each load needs. Whether it’s delicates, wool, or bedding, you only need to set and forget and let the appliance do the rest. If you forget to add a shirt, or find a stray sock in the laundry basket, the handy reload function lets you add or take out items during a cycle. If you have extra loads to do and don’t have time to wait for the next day, you can put a load in and let the EcoInverter motor quietly get the job done overnight.

For thorough and efficient washing for busy households, look no further than this nifty washing machine from Electrolux.

Choice of programs

With a wide range of programs to choose from, you’re able to select a wash cycle for different types of laundry, to suit a variety of needs.

Efficient cleaning

Vapour refresh gives the handy ability to remove wrinkles and odours for your clothes, using vapour instead of detergent and water. It’s a great way to refresh your clothes, and it takes only 21 minutes.

Add-Item Function

The add-item (or reload) function lets you add a forgotten piece of laundry to your machine during certain stages of the cycle.

Whisper quiet

Enjoy saving money on your electricity bill by washing during off-peak times thanks to Electrolux’s new generation EcoInverter motor, which ensures every wash is quiet enough not to disturb you while you sleep.

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