Bosch WTH85200AU Series 4 8kg Heat Pump Dryer


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This 8kg heat pump dryer from Bosch has energy-saving features and a capacity suitable for small to medium-sized households.
The ActiveAir Technology reuses hot air throughout the cycle, making it more efficient. Shrinking is prevented with the AutoDry system, which stops the drying cycle once the contents are dry. The gentle drum structure and warm air currents ensure soft and even drying for all your items. With an outstanding 7-star energy rating, this ultra-efficient dryer can reduce running costs and impact on the environment.
Sensor Drying

Sensor drying saves time and energy by monitoring the temperature and moisture level to ensure garments are dried to the desired setting.

AntiVibration Side Walls

The AntiVibration side walls provide greater stability and reduce vibration. The enhanced insulation makes the machine very quiet even during the spin cycle, so you can have your chores done without disrupting the household.

SuperQuick 40

Designed for up to 2kg of laundry to be dried in 40 minutes. Specifically for cottons, synthetics and blended fabrics.

ActiveAir technology for maximum efficiency

A high star-rating is achieved with this dryer thanks to the ultra-efficient ActiveAir technology. This system conserves energy by reusing existing heat during the entire drying process. This makes it an economical and efficient drying option.

New With Damaged Boxes, 24 years warranty.




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