Asko T208H.W 8kg Heat Pump Dryer


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ASKO appliances embody Scandinavian values and design. This means considered functionality, impeccable Swedish design, and commitment to the environment, making your home beautiful, efficient, and sustainable.

This heat pump dryer from ASKO is suitable for busy families and large households thanks to its 8kg capacity. This is an environmentally-friendly option for drying your laundry, due to heat pump technology. This drying method reuses hot air to remove moisture from your garments. This also eliminates the need for unsightly external ventilation. The SensiDry system can precisely detect when clothes are ready, minimising shrinkage and saving energy. The paddles gently lift and spread clothing to allow even air circulation for less creasing and bundling.

With 10 drying programs to choose from, you can be sure your laundry is in good hands with this efficient heat pump dryer from ASKO.

Butterfly Drying system

ASKO’s Butterfly Drying system dries your clothes in a figure-eight, non-stop motion. This reduces wear, bundling, and creasing on your clothes.


The SensiDry feature ensures your laundry is dried with care and precision. This intelligent system detects the level of moisture in your load, turning off the machine when it is optimally dry, to prevent shrinking and overdrying.

Soft Drum technology

ASKO’s durable stainless steel drum is engineered with an Air Layer surface, making it gentler on fabrics. With the Air Lift paddles, your clothes are lifted higher during tumbling to increase airflow, improves drying efficiency, and prevents your clothes from bundling.

Intelligent drying programs

This ASKO dryer has a wide range of programs for every drying need. The Iron Dry program makes ironing out any creases easier. Extra Dry is great for items that need to be completely dry such as bedding. You can also use the Airing program to freshen up your garments.

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