AEG T8DHC846B 8kg 8000 Series SensiDry Heat Pump Dryer


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Key Features
  • SensiDry heat pump technology makes use of accurate sensors to measure temperature levels throughout the drying cycle and ensure safe, low temperatures to minimise exposure to unnecessary heat
  • ProSense technology enables it to automatically adjust the energy consumption and drying time for individual loads using advanced temperature and humidity sensors
  • Offers various dry programs, such as cotton, synthetic, woolens, bed linen, duvets, easy iron, silk, outdoor, mixed load, sports, and timed programs to suit your needs
  • AbsoluteCare system delivers precise control over the movement and temperature levels of its drying drum to thoroughly dry your clothes while still maintaining their texture and look
  • Employs an OKOFlow single filter system, making it easy to maintain while helping provide a streamlined airflow for efficiently drying your garments

New With Damaged Boxes, 24 years warranty.




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