AEG 600mm FEE83701PM Semi Intergrated ProClean Built-Under Dishwasher


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Key Features
  • SoftGrip and SoftSpikes safeguard your glassware from scratches, while its comfort rails let you slide the basket in place without damaging your dishes
  • AirDry technology automatically opens the door after every cycle to naturally dry your plates and glasses
  • ExtraSilent function keeps noise level at a minimum for a silent but powerful performance
  • Spacious tub provides you with the extra height you need for larger items
  • SoftGrip clamps securely holds stem glasses to prevent unnecessary movement and damage
  • Equipped with a satellite spray arm to thoroughly clean your dining ware
  • TimeSaver and auto sense program select the best settings suitable for a load, meticulously cleaning your dishes while saving time and energy
  • Comes with an adjustable top basket, so you can have more space for other cutlery

New With Damaged Boxes, 24 years warranty.




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